Best outfits to wear to a gay club blog

For most people, going to a gay club can be quite daunting. With one of the most important questions being “What do I wear?” we’re here to help you out with our tips on what to wear to a gay club. What you decide to wear can depend on a range of factors. Are you going to dance like Beyonce? Are you looking for a new love? Regardless of this, you will ultimately want to be comfortable and confident.


Monochromatic outfits are cool, but looking like one of the floor staff is not. Although black conceals sweat, it’s not particularly adventurous and can look sombre in such a social atmosphere. Add a white tee to the black jeans, and a navy or khaki bomber jacket instead of the black jacket. Or find a button up shirt which has a fine monochromatic pattern to give your look a bit more depth.

It’s also important to remember that you should stick to a darker colour palette in clubs. A white blazer or light pair of chinos will get totally annihilated in a darkly lit club where you can’t escape potential stains. Save the lighter colours for summer parties.

The easiest combination? Light coloured shirt up top, black for bottoms. The look can be polished off with either white sneakers or leather shoes or boots depending on the venue.



The perfect shirt

It is a known fact that clubs get very hot, with everyone having a great time there can often be little ventilation. The answer is to keep things cool, light and simple. The threads you’ll want are pieces like denim shirts, linen shirts, fitted crew neck tees and anything that is a single layer.

Patterns and colours are entirely up to your individual taste, be as bold as you like!!

Be the best version of yourself

When thinking about going out with your besties or hitting the dancefloor, the main thing to remember is that you want to show off the best version of yourself possible. Be proud and confident in what you’re wearing. Remember to iron or steam your clothes before going out for that sharp groomed look. Throw on your fave accessories and have a camp night on the town!!