RuPaul’s Drag Race UK Season 4: Cast Announced!

This Wednesday after various teases and speculation spreading wide, finally the cast of RuPaul’s Drag Race UK Season 4 was announced with 12 contestants joining the competition in the battle to become Britain’s Next Drag Superstar.

And here are who will be walking into the workroom on Thursday 22nd September:



The Dancing Afro-Punk Princess of South London is here to lipsync her way to the top. If you are a UK Drag fan and follow the London circuit, you’ll know of Baby and her epic performance skills. Baby faced and ready to tear up the runway with her rooted culture and modern drag looks, this Queen should not be under estimated.


Dakota Schiffer:

Making Drag Race UK herstory, Dakota is the first Trans contestant to be walking into the work room. This gorgeous 22 year old from Surrey, England is ready to combine her love of fashion, make-up, hairstyling and presenting a beautiful feminine look take the crown for her Trans siblings. Ooohhh Girl, we got Female.


Jonbers Blonde:

We may have an Irish Queen of the world but there is another on the scene hoping to use her luck of the Irish to bag the Season 4 crown. This Fashionista who has been editor in magazines and walked the runway in London and Paris is going to be tough competition to the Season 4 Queens and she fights to bring it home to Belfast again.


Pixie Polite:

The Belle of Brighton has arrived and this camp cow is ready to show them what real campery looks like. Hailing from the Drag family that brought us iconic names like Baga Chips, Tia Kofi, Sum Ting Wong, Pixie Polite is ready to carry on the family tradition of become in national icon. Polite by name and polite by nature, but in this competition she’s ready to be naughty to take it home for Brighton.



South Africa born, Surrey based Starlet is here to pay homage to the vintage classic Hollywood. With her polished glamorous style, she may be ‘prettier than you’ but can she compete in the big leagues? This Seasons Instagram phenomenon, Starlet is ready to bring each unique fantasy to the runway, so these Queens better bring out their best looks to compete with this aesthetic angel.


Sminty Drop:

Hailing from the House of Kendoll, this party Queen is hoping to give the Kendoll name a clean slate. This sexy cyber supermodel from outer space is ready to stomp the Drag Race UK runway with her 9 inch heels and bring it home for her House. She may be a looks Queen but with killer looks and a party girl attitude, Sminty Drop is here to fight for that crown.


Le Fil:

This Androgynous Asian Sensation from Brighouse, West Yorkshire is the self proclaimed thread that brings together art, fashion, music and sculpture, ready to bring something new and fresh to the Race. This all-singing, all-dancing, all-sewing Chinese pop star is not afraid to break genre and gender and bring new meaning to the word Drag, let’s see them bring it to the Drag Race UK Runway.


Black Peppa:

From the Caribbean with love, she’s walked off the pages of Vogue to the Drag Race runway and we are so ready. Based in Birmingham, Black Peppa is not only a fashion icon but a killer performer, bringing her Caribbean routes and her oddball nature, this goofball is ready to stop the runway and bring it home for Birmingham and bring Saint Martin Pride, it’s about to get spicy.


Just May:

Has the Derrick Barry of Drag Race UK just arrived? Essex born Just May is the world’s premiere Geri Halliwell impersonator, ‘That’s Baby Spice for those who don’t know’. Repping Essex, she is ready to Spice up the competition with her triple Essex swords, she’s ready to fight for the crown but will it be ‘May all the way’, we’ll have to wait and see.


Cheddar Gorgeous:

The Race has been waiting for them and they have arrived. The living spectacle, cultural icon and Queen Bee of Manchester Cheddar Gorgeous has arrived and her attendance has been long awaited. If you have any knowledge of British Drag, you’ll know of The Family Gorgeous’ Matriarch; Cheddar who’s family include Drag Race Season 3 contestant Asttina Mandella alongside many Queer household names such as Anna Phylactic, Lill, Liquorice Black and TeTe Bang. You want alternative, meet Cheddar.


Copper Topp:

Hoping to Topp the competition, friend of Glitterbomb and camp cabaret diva is ready to bring her style of Drag to the Drag Race UK runway. She may be young in Drag years but with years of performance experience Copper is repping it for the Gingers so don’t underestimate this baby Queen as she is going to leave you gagging for more.


Danny Beard:

And last but certainly not least, Glitterbomb favourite, Britains Got Talent, Cabaret and Drag icon Danny Beard will be repping Liverpool making Drag Race UK herstory as the first Bearded Queen to take to the Drag Race Runway. Don’t be fooled by their old cabaret style of performance as this Drag legend is ready to throw the Drag rulebook out the window, incorporating her Club Kid aesthetic and British cabaret live vocal talents, the bitch didn’t come to play!


The stage has been set and cast announced, now all we do is wait until those Workroom doors to open. Start your engines, and may the best Drag Queen win!

Tune into BBC Three on iPlayer or WOW Presents Plus to see the premiere episode on the 22nd September and check out the @dragraceukbbc Instagram to watch all the Meet the Queens now.


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