Canada’s Drag Race – Canada vs The World: Cast Announced!

As we are all sitting back and enjoying Season 4 of Rupaul’s Drag Race UK, this week we were teased until we finally saw the cast of the next Vs The World instalment, in the host country of Canada, Brooklyn Heights will be not only be judging her fellow Canadians but the world of Drag as the Canadian runway plays host to contestants from Canada, UK, Down Under (specifically New Zealand) and USA ready to take Blu’s Crown as the new Queen of the World.

And here are who will be walking into Boogie Wonderland on Friday 18th November:


Icesis Couture:

She’s here to keep the crown in Canada, Season 2 winner of Canada’s Drag Race Icesis Couture is ready to return to the runway, but this time it’s for the title of Queen of the World. She may have been fierce in her season but she has levelled up her Drag and is ready to show these other b****es how winners race.

“Just when you thought you’ve seen it all, wait until you see me balancing two crowns on my wig!”


Rita Baga:

Hailing from the host country and ready for a second chance at the crown, this french Canadian diva is ready to wear the Queen of the World crown ahead of hosting Drag Race Belgique (Belgium). This Cameleon made it all the way until the top three of the debut season of Canada’s Drag Race and is ready for round two. Will this Alien Actress take the crown?

“Rita Baga is the 5 F’s – fierce, French, famous, fun and fungus!”


Kendall Gender:

Another Canada’s Drag Race finalist to be entering the race is the Season 2 frontrunner Kendall Gender, she was so close to snatching that crown and now returning against her Season 2 sister and winner of her season Icesis Couture, can she snatch the crown back and take over the mother tucking world in the process, we’ll have to see if this fashionista has what it takes.

“I was so close to snatching the crown on my season and now I’m here to reign. That Kendall reign won’t let up!”


Stephanie Prince:

The fourth and final host Queen to be taking to the runway is the fan favourite gone too soon in her season, the stunning Stephanie Prince. This Filipino Canadian Drag Prince-ess is ready for her redemption as she is back to show that she was born for that crown and she’s not going down without a fight.

“In season 2, they were jealous of my beauty. This season, they will be jealous of my beauty and looks, because she’s what?…Cor-rect!”


Anita Wigl’it:

Being the first Down Under Queen to bring it to the ‘Vs The World’ Runway, fan favourite and clear frontrunner of season 1 of Rupaul’s Drag Race Down Under Anita Wigl’it left the competition far too soon, and she wasn’t joking about All Stars, instead she’s going for the Queen of the World Crown. This Kiwi superstar is funny, can act, can rap and can serve a lewk, she’s the whole package and is ready to bring it home to Down Under.

“I can’t wait to ‘Wigl’it’ into the hearts and trousers of Canada!”


Ra’Jah O’Hara:

She’s hoping for a third time lucky, RuPaul’s Drag Race season 11 & RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 6 contestant Ra’Jah O’Hara is not giving up the fight yet and is ready to smackdown once more but this time for the Queen of the World crown. She redeemed herself in All Stars 6 by making it all the way to the final but didn’t quite bring it home, but this All Star is ready to boogie on down for the crown.

“When in doubt, I always groove it out!”


Silky Nutmeg Ganache:

Joining her Season 11 & All Stars 6 sister Ra’Jah O’Hara, Big Silk with the good milk came for lunch, came for dinner and to cherry atop her Drag Race legacy she is here for dessert and it’s a large serving of the Queen of the World crown. Taking to the Canada vs The World runway, this All Star like her sister Ra’Jah has the most experience out of the bunch but will it be enough to crunch crunch her way through the competition to the Crown.

“Drag queens have bridged that gap historically by being the worlds’ sister, auntie, cousin, mother, friend, therapist, fashion eye, confident, fundraiser, voice, reason, mediator, entertainer, and inspiration. Throughout history and still to this very day, the job has not gotten easier. However, I do feel that I can continue this legacy with the crown.”


Victoria Scone:

Even after her short run on Rupaul’s Drag Race UK Season 3, everyone wants another taste of Victoria Scone and she’s not returning to the UK runway but she’s taking on the world. One of two of the UK representatives, Victoria Scone is ready to show the Drag Race franchise what AFAB Queens are really capable of as her classic camp cabaret Drag takes to the runway once more, but this time, no knee injury is getting in her way.

“In my original season, you only got the crumbs, but now you’ll get the whole buffet.”


Vanity Milan:

On Season 3, this diva lip synced herself to the top, at Glitterbomb we have seen this iconic Queen tear up the stage, and she is back. These Queens better not play with Miss Milan, since her season this Queen has glowed up and she’s ready to go from fourth to first as the second representative of the UK in the fight for the Queen of the World crown against Drag Race legends and winners, can she keep the crown in the UK, we shall see?

“Black, proud and stunning! My drag journey has always been about inclusivity and empowerment for our communities. And that’s on what? Period!”

Tune into CRAVE if viewing in Canada, BBC Three on iPlayer if viewing in the UK or WOW Presents Plus to see the premiere episode on the 18th November and check out the @canadasdragrace Instagram to watch all the Meet the Queens now.


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