Team Glitterbomb’s New Years Resolutions!

Its a new year! So that means New Years Resolutions. Its a time to make a change at what you might want to change over the year. But what are some of the Glitterbomb teams New Years Resolutions?

Asia Thorne 

“Loose weight! “

Amanda Bang 

“To eat less nuggets and drink less Red Bull because my wee looks just like battery acid.”


“To be more me to achieve personal goals and be more confident and proud of being who I am.” 


“To use the gym more and become a skinny legend. “


“Be happy stay single and see spurs win trophy. “

Sophia Stardust 

” To become famous “


“Make more effort to reach out and check up on friends. “

Victoria Carriage 

“I wanna bury my face in more bubble butts”. That’s a resolution and a half.”

Delilah Tickles

“Oh Lord! I don’t bother with resolutions they don’t last and I don’t stick with them or I change my mind 2 weeks in! “

There you have it. That’s some inspiration from some of our team on what they want to achieve in 2021. If you have any resolutions we would love to know! From our team to you we wish you a very Happy New Year!