Stream Queens

With everything that is currently happening a lot of drag performers have moved to other sources to entertain everyone most popular and only source seems to be live streams. So we spoke to some of our Glitterbomb Queens to see how they are and any updates they may have.

Delilah Tickles 

Delilah. You have been doing live streams what is that like?  

Oh christ. It’s like a whole new audience and you don’t know who’s watching! It’s fun and to be honest, has given me a focus to have whilst all this madness has settled and opens up to a whole new audience, it’s also come. With challenges like how to engage and you can’t really beat being live in front of an audience as opposed to over the internet 

What made you want to start doing live streams and how did they occur?

Boredom really and to be honest also to put a smile on people’s faces with everything on tv being so doom gloom 

Do you think live streams are something that will continue?

Is this you trying to talk me out of a job? Haha, I don’t think so, for me I prefer the live interaction in a club and on a stage.. I can’t be heckled or hear the crowd screaming DELILAH! ‘

What 3 words would you describe to sum up a Delilah live stream?

Camp, fun and lighthearted 

Lana Evoli 

Lana How have you been feeling during this time? 

I rely on seeing my friends often to keep my sane so let’s just say this is a struggle! I guess I’m coping the same way everyone else is I guess! 

Has it inspired you to think of ideas for future performances, looks ect?

I don’t tend to come up with performance till last minute when I have no time left and I’m under pressure BUT I have got a few ideas under my wig 

What have you been doing to keep yourself occupied? 

All I have been doing is rhinestoning different outfits my hands are just covered in clue! 

What are you most missing about drag at the moment? What’s am I missing the most? I guess all of it! Seeing people, drinking, performing literally all of it! 

Amanda Bang

How has everything affected you?

It’s affected me in good and bad ways! I’ve loved having time to spend with my partner but also feel so limited with what to do! Feeling trapped in my flat with nowhere to go can be stressful! I’m usually a person who is out doing something.  

What are you doing to keep yourself busy?

I’ve mainly took this spare time to clean around the house and sort out my ratty old wigs. 

Have you created a day to day routine?

Not really! I’ve been taking every day as it comes and going with the flow. 

In regards of drag what it is you have been doing with this time?

I haven’t really been doing much in regards to drag. I’m planning on doing some photoshoots in the flat with my partner. I may start doing some live performances soon on Facebook and Instagram!