PRIDE Canterbury 2022 – Highlights!


As PRIDE month is drawing to a close, we wanted to share with you our highlights from Canterbury Pride 2022. It was Canterbury’s biggest Pride yet and we were so proud to part of every minute of it, but there were some moments that we feel like made our day.


The Parade:

The parade is always going to be one of our highlights as it is where all the excitement of the day begins. Seeing so many people come out and celebrate with us, will always be something we are super proud of. The parade to us visually represents the PRIDE people have in Canterbury and Kent, and it will always be one of our favourite moments.


The Performances:

Again this year was our biggest Pride yet which means that we had so many more acts than last year. They are a vital part of Pride each year and they help create the atmosphere that we all know and love. Some of our favourite performances of this year were, Danny Beard, Jimbo the Clown, Dame James and Denise Van Outen. As always everyone that performed was amazing and without them the day wouldn’t have been as successful.


The People:

Last but not least our most important highlight is the people who attended our wonderful celebration this year. Without all of you Pride Canterbury wouldn’t be what it is today, and for that we are eternally grateful. The love you guys have for each other and the community is a sight to behold and with each year that goes by that love grows stronger. Which makes every year better than the next!


We loved this year’s pride Canterbury, and we have been counting down the days to the next one since it finished! We love to hear what you guys think about Canterbury Pride, so please comment down below your highlights or special moments you remember from the day…