All-Stars 5 has finished so that leaves us predicting who will be cast for All-Stars 6. Nothing is confirmed but we can think of 10 queens who could be potential to return to our screens and the runway once again to fight for a crown and be awarded by appearing in the Drag Race Hall Of Fame. It’s unlikely that a USA vs the UK would happen yet with only one episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race the UK and season 2 waiting to continue filming but it could be a possibility in the future to have a UK queen cast on All-Stars but for now, we focus on just an American version of All Stars 6.

Asia O’Hara

Let’s kick start with a fan favorite Asia O’Hara from season 10. She made it all the way to the final on her season and I think its time to put the butterflies behind and see what else this Queen has to offer. She made it so far before and would be a strong competitor for the crown. We could definitely see her portrait hanging in the Drag Race Hall Of Fame – plus she was awesome when she came to Glitterbomb

Scarlet Envy 


Highly praised in acting challenges but her struggle with choreography is what got her eliminated in episode 6. A huge number of fans were outraged at her elimination. making it clear that there’s a huge demand for her to return in a future season of All-Stars.

Nina Bonina Brown 

From her paper peach head to playing Season 7’s Jasmine Masters in snatch game-  Nina managed to make the drag race fans fall in love with her. She had a good run on the show and after lip-syncing a few times in her season she was eventually eliminated by Shea Couleé. People think its time for her to make a return to the runway and battle for the All-Stars crown. 

Kimora Blac 

She was only on season 9 for a short time and struggled with challenges such as sewing and receiving negative critiques. After winning a lip-sync against James Mansfield, Kimora was eliminated in the next episode after losing the lip sync against Aja. Kimora left the impression she had a lot more to give making her a potential cast member for All-Stars 6. 

Charlie Hides 


The cast of season  9 was so strong that it’s no surprise that another contestant from the 9th season of RuPaul’s Drag Race has appeared on the list. This time its none other than Charlie Hides. During her season she did not make it far and then gave us nothing in her final lip-sync against Trinity. After cracking her rib and standing completely still during her lip sync fans want to see Charlie give drag race another go and compete to be an All-Star.

Heidi N Closet 


Also known as Heidi Ho, Heidi Hydrates, and Heidi Afrodite, She’s only just left our screens and people want her back. She placed 6th and was voted Miss Congeniality by her fellow queens. After winning lip-syncs against Nicky Doll, Brita and a double shantay with Jackie Cox in the Makeover Challenge she has proved she could have what it takes to be an All-Star.


A runner up from Season 9, Peppermint was said to be the lip-sync assassin of the season. She competed against Sasha Velour for the crown to “It’s Not Right But It’s OK” by Whitney Houston. Despite an intense and energetic performance she was left being a runner up but if she were to return to All-Stars she would have a pretty good shot at winning that crown. 

 Pandora Boxx

She was known on the show for her comedic timing and her infamous Carol Channing impersonation on Snatch Game. She was also crowned Miss Congeniality of the second season of Drag Race for her charm and wit. Her popularity during season two meant that she would return to All-Stars 1. After her popularity, it would make sense if we saw Pandora return for another season of All-Stars and try (again!) to win herself a crown.

Kim Chi

One of the Season 8 runner-ups, Kim Chi had a great run on her season but was sent home by Bob The Drag Queen. It was rumoured that she was asked to be on “All Stars 3”, but declined. Would she decline again if she was asked to be back on All-Stars 6? Who knows! Fans want to see Kim Chi with a crown on her head and a spot in the Hall Of Fame. 


The drag daughter of Season 9 contestant Alexis Michelle, Jan tried hard on her season and showed so much talent that when she got eliminated fans were left upset having to say good-bye to her. Season 12 has just finished but the fans want Jan back on the screen again to show off the talent that this Queen most definitely has. Is she all-star worthy?

That rounds off our list of potential All-Stars 6 contestants. Would you like to see these queens return? Or would you prefer a mix of USA VS UK Queens? Let us know! Until it’s announced, we have no clue what All-Stars 6 will give us, but we can’t wait to find out!