The Life Of Lana

A look into Lana Evoli.

So while I’ve been in quarantine like many others I decided to take the time to challenge my mental health. I feel it’s good for people to talk about how they struggle, so I decided to give you all little Lana wisdom! Like many others, I suffer a lot with mental health and I feel the best thing to do is grab it by the balls! I thought I’d stop letting it control my life once and for all! It’s not easy for people to face their demons but it’s good to start somewhere, I decided to start by eating healthily and exercising regularly. Exercise has been a big part of helping me improve myself and it can surprisingly help you feel better and forget about all your problems as well as have other health benefits too! Along with that I’m now also planning to move away and start a new life and with this push myself more. In the last few weeks, my life has just been on an upward hill climb, and I could not be happier and I’m healthier than I have ever been.

“Diabolus est occasum super altare delectatio dolorem tenebris lumen servum libertate sanum furor”

– Anton Szandor LaVey

Another good way I found to start to heal, is talking with people and no matter what you think, you will always have someone who cares about you and to talk to. I mean if you feel you don’t I’m only a message on Instagram away! For someone like me, I knew a lot of people wouldn’t believe in me and a lot of people would think I will just spiral downwards. But trust me when I say you only need to believe in yourself to start somewhere! And another big tip for anyone, what helped me massively is humor, either make yourself laugh or do something that keeps you laughing! Laughter is the biggest healer for me and many others! And that’s for free so use it while you can! If you are stuck in your head at this time just remember there is an end to this! And your personal life and life, in general, will get better!

Much love Lana XOXO