#BoycottMulan is trending on twitter again after credits reveal the region of China where the movie was filmed. Why is it important? Read on… 


Disney have just released the live-action ‘Mulan’ on the Disney+ streaming service. Many people have pointed out that the end credits of the movie thanked the Chinese Communist Party Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region Committee. People are criticising Disney and the filmmakers for working with them and in Xinjiang while such abuse of human rights is happening. Disney have been asked to comment but at the time of this blog post have not made an official statement.

Why #BoycottMulan is important

More than 1 million Chinese Uighur Muslims are being detained in government internment camps where many have said they’ve experienced torture and abuse while in the Xinjiang region. China calls the prison camps in Xinjiang “re-education” facilities. The US Congressional-Executive Commission on China describes it as “the largest mass incarceration of a minority population in the world today.”

Just this week, a group of MPs have written to the Chinese Ambassador for the United Kingdom calling for the immediate end to human rights abuses in the province. You can read more about that here; https://www.rfa.org/english/news/uyghur/mps-09092020134015.html

Critics pointed out that the film’s credits also included a thank you to the Turpan Public Security Bureau in Xinjiang saying “that specific public security bureau has been deeply involved in the Xinjiang concentration camps”. 

Comments have also resurfaced from Mulan star Lie Yifei about her support for Hong Police who have been accused of abusing citizens protesting the national security law imposed on the region by China‘s central government. 

Online users have said that supporting the film is not only people turning a blind eye to the police brutality and racial injustice in China and of the incarceration of Muslim Uyghur but also an agreement with the comments that have been made from the film’s co-stars and supporting Disney who have worked and thanked Chinese Government internment camps.

Watch this video: it’s just 5 minutes long and explains more about the background of the concentration camps.

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