Its Queerantine

How’s lockdown going? When staying at home it can be easy to feel cut off from the people and places that define our queer lives. We want to highlight some movies and TV shows that empower LGBTQ folk and connect us to the community with either highlighting issues, giving us the giggles or sharing stories that empower.

Absolutely Fabulous

We recommend revisiting gay icons Eddy and Patsy and watching all six series’ of the classic comedy Absolutely Fabulous. Demonstrating how life’s problems could be washed down with a bottle (or several) of Bolly. The episodes are on Netflix and available now on BBC iPlayer so sweetie, darling, sink into the sofa, get a glass of Bolly (or a few) and enjoy yourself. 

AJ And The Queen

We assume most of you have already watched this but if you haven’t it’s worth sitting down for this campy Queen travel cross country with her young stowaway. Make sure you keep your eyes peeled for loads of former Glitterbomb guests popping up to make appearances in the storyline. AJ And The Queen had to make our Queerentine essential viewing list.


Pose is about to educate you on black LGBT culture and the ballroom scene. This show has been described  to be laugh-out-loud hilarious, beautiful, and gut-wrenchingly honest all at the same time. Looking at the AIDS crisis, transphobia, sexism and racism; Follow ballroom mother Blanca and her chosen families in 1980s New York and fall in love with this show.

Queer Eye 

Queer Eye is that heart warming bit of entertainment you need, with most episodes guaranteed you make you shed a tear. Sit down with the fab five as they serve you tips, tricks and emotional makeovers, leaving you with a smile on your face after each episode and most likely a boost of self-confidence. Queer Eye Season 1, 2, 3, 4 and Queer Eye: We’re in Japan! are available to stream on Netflix. 

King Cobra

The film is based on the book Cobra Killer by Andrew E. Stoner and Peter A. Conway, which tells the true story of the 2007 murder of gay porn producer Bryan Kocis. The film is both equally drama and satire. It’s dark. It’s entertaining. It’s raunchy! Definitely something different to watch for an evening if you want something a little more risqué – available on Netflix.

Tiger King

Murder, mystery, and mayhem, The quartine smash hit show that has memes exploding all over social media. The documentary follows the life of the now-imprisoned  Joe Exotic, a gay, exotic animal owner, along with past and present employees and Joe Exotic’s arch-rival Carole Baskin who may or may not have killed her own husband? All we will say is this documentary is a rollercoaster of stories with each episode keeps you gripped wanting to watch the next and easily gets you talking.


What else have you been watching recently? Let us know if you have any suggestions in the comments.