Lock Down with Delilah Tickles    


Hello again! Yes, It’s me Delilah Tickles! Star of stage and well Facebook Live Bingo at the moment. Why, Why, Whhhhy…

Christ what a strange year it’s been so far. Locked down for 3 months, freak heatwaves and I haven’t heard the word Brexit in about 6 months. Which is probably a good thing.

When Miss Corona Virus was on her way I couldn’t quite comprehend how bad it was going to be. Back in February, I’d booked a lovely 5* all-inclusive to a beautiful Turkish resort as something to look forward to halfway through the year. Fast forward 5 months and I’ve booked a holiday in Blackpool and am still waiting for TUI to refund me.

When the lockdown was the first in place and Glitterbomb was put on hold I knew I needed something to focus on weekly to keep my creativity entertained. I found that social media would be the next best thing. After a drunken night with a few friends Delilah & The Tickles was born – but since Boris announced no crossover between homes, that was very short-lived so myself and my partner decided to do a weekly game show.

‘Play Your Cards Right’ every Tuesday was great fun for us and the 30 odd people watching every week and all we were giving away was a signed photo of us both (who would want one, I have no idea). Obviously, with most things, it didn’t last and the novelty wore off shortly after so we mixed it up. Drag Bingo LIVE was born.

Every Tuesday we’d turn our living room quite literally upside down with the sofa against the wall and backdrop covering the dodgy paintwork and we found a new game to keep us entertained. Giving away prizes such as bags with our names on, signed photo’s and the odd bit of cash here and there kept people tuning in!

We did the odd special with special guests such as Sophia Stardust & Victoria Carriage which were fab and also a holiday special the week we were meant to be in the Turkish sun (not that I’m bitter about it). We decided to do our last one as a PRIDE month special to celebrate the end of pride and to recognize the month since we’ve been unable to celebrate in our usual way. (Big shout out to Pride Canterbury – if you haven’t seen the video do check it out!)

As we begin to ease lockdown and return to a new life of plastic screens everywhere (and hand sanitiser coming out of every cupboard, drawer, and glove box in the car) I hope we can look at the things we really miss, that haven’t quite returned to normal. Those things we took for granted at one stage like being able to stand within 1 meter of a loved one from another home or buying a fishbowl full of ice and WKD and dancing to Lady Gaga with glitter on our faces. We need to look at what’s changed in the sense of more people working from home where possible and creative people doing shows online like musicians, drag queens, and comedians, and realise we never really lost much but a bit of time in this funny old thing called life.

Just make sure that when we’re able to go out and make the most of everything – you do. Smile more and do what makes you happy! Pick up that brightly  t-shirt and wear it with pride or stick on a bit of glitter to go to the shops, as you never know it may be a little too late one day.

Stay safe, stay alert, and remember to wash your hands!

Delilah Tickles x