Top 5 LGBT+ On Screen Weddings 


Who doesn’t love a wedding? Love, family, drinking, dancing and cake are all the best parts but add a splash of gay in there and you’ve got a party! This week we thought we’d share with you some of our favourite on screen LGBT+ weddings so have a read and share with your significant other because who knows, they might just put a ring on it! 


Tracy Beaker 

Tracy Beaker is back and with a gay wedding is on the cards, we couldn’t be happier. In the new 3 part series ‘My Mum Tracy Beaker’ it shows us how Tracy builds her relationship with her own daughter linking in with Tracy and her foster mother Cam. For the season finale Cam marries a woman and fans were thrilled to see it. Even Tracy Beaker author Jacqueline Wilson confirming  Cam ‘is clearly gay’ but when the Tracy Beaker books was first published in 1991 the devastating Section 28 meant that stories with LGBT+ characters could be banned from school libraries. That may be why Cam’s sexuality was never mentioned in the original Story of Tracy Beaker, even though Jaqueline Wilson certainly intended the character to be gay all along.

The first ever lesbian wedding scene appeared in the eposide ‘The One With The Lesbian Wedding’ of the very popular TV series, Friends in 1996. This episode created an uproar worldwide and was banned in most countries even though the scene did not show both characters kiss. Considering the fact that same sex marriage didn’t become legal in all US states until 2015 you can see why it caused so much controversy in the ’90s.
Tiger King 
How can we forget such an iconic moment? Not possible right!? The Tiger King himself Joe Exoctic married not one but two men and was shown in the very popular Netflix documentary Tiger King. The video has recently resurfaced online an everyones talking about how bizarre this wedding actually is. In the twenty three minute video, you watch as the ceremony space is set up with tons of cat patterns, matching pink wedding outfits, a capuchin monkey catching the bridal bouquet and of course big cats.
To celebrate the legalisation of same sex marriage in Australia, Neighbours had their first on-screen gay wedding in 2018. As the soap made history with Aaron Brennan and David Tanaka’s weddings fans were full of  tears of joy as they all tweeted and posted about just how special the moment really was.
Schitts Creek 

After six amazing seasons, Schitt’s Creek came to a finish with a memorable series finale. The final episode centred on David Rose marrying Patrick after numerous setbacks and the series which became very popular very quickly truly touched their fans as plenty have gone on to tweet about the moment. 
So that’s our top 5 LGBT+ on screen weddings! What are some of your favourites?