Top 10 Most WTF Outrageous Memorable Eurovision Moments 

When the first Eurovision song contest began back in 1956, nobody was expecting or could even imagine the sort of iconic chaos that this song contest would one day give us. From the crazy catchy songs to brilliantly bizarre costumes, Eurovision is the show that rakes in millions of viewers each year and gives us unforgettable moments that never fail to disappoint. So, in all its glory and ridiculousness we take a look back at some of the most memorable moments in Eurovision history!

Scooch, (United Kingdom, 2007)

Let’s all jump aboard Scooch Airways who sang their campy, fun song “Flying The Flag” in 2017. The song was all about pure airline campiness, resulting in the performance becoming one of the United Kingdom’s most iconic and cheesy performances.


Bucks Fizz, (United Kingdom 1981)

Talking about the UK, it’s hard to imagine that the UK has actually won Eurovision a few times! One of the most rememberable wins for the UK was back in 1981 with Bucks Fizz. The pop group became known around the world for their velcro-ripping “If you wanna see some more” outfit reveal during the performance of “Making Your Mind Up”, which went on to sell over four million copies. We made our mind up and that reveal was ICONIC.


Netta ( Israel 2018) 

Netta represented Israel in 2018 with “Toy”. The song had started becoming a hit with its catchy chorus and fun lyrics. The performance overall received very positive reviews and was, in Eurovision style, totally bizarre which helped Israel to then go on to win the 2018 Eurovision song contest.


ABBA, (Sweden, 1974)

ABBA gave Sweden its first win in 1974 with “Waterloo” the ultimate camp bop that made such an impact, it put ABBA on the map with the band going on to be major superstars and bestselling musicians – and they remain as popular as ever!! It’s not ‘WTF Eurovision’ but the song and the band are so iconic they deserve to be recognised on this list.

Loreen, (Sweden 2012)

When it comes to Eurovision, Sweden knows what to do and how to do it with style. Especially when Loreen won Eurovision for Sweden with the track “Euphoria”. The track went on to be a huge hit reaching number one in Sweden and staying there for six weeks whilst climbing to number three on the UK charts. The song became the most downloaded Eurovision single in UK history, ahead of “Waterloo” by ABBA . We are sure Loreen was screaming WTF with the amount of success she had with her Eurovision experience.


Buranovskiye Babushki (Russia 2012)

This bizarre performance from six grannies shuffling and dancing around on stage all while singing about needing dough and baking cookies is utterly pure and innocent, if not totally unusual. However in true Eurovison style the song  “Party for Everybody” had people at home mouthing WTF at what was happening on their TV screen. This performance allowed these Russian grannies to come second in the competition overall. The group said that in 2012 they would use any money raised by the song to build a church in Buranovo. Awhh!

Conchita Wurst, ( Austria, 2014)

We had to mention Conchita in this list of WTF Eurovision moments. Conchita did go on to win Eurovision but what makes this performance so outrageous was how the performance attracted a lot of attention from one particular thing… Conchita’s beard. This beard may of had people confused but that did not distract anyone from the strong operatic powerful vocals of Conchita. The song got its well-deserved win for Austria in 2014. As well as this,  Eurovision connecting its strong relationship with the LGBT+ community and fans of the singing competition resulted in Conchita Wurst being catapulted into LGBT+ idol status.

Dustin the Turkey, (Ireland, 2008)

Eurovision hit another high point of absolute silliness in 2008 when puppet Dustin the Turkey took the stage. Performing (more like begging) the song “Irelande Douze Pointe.” The song looked more like Ireland’s desperation to get points. A performance by the puppet accompanied on stage by high energy dancers, it was still silly and goofy, everything you expect from a Eurovision performance.

Lordi, (Finland 2006)

Finland was represented by Lordi in the Eurovision Song Contest 2006 with the song “Hard Rock Hallelujah”. Lordi are absolutely and 100% a WTF example of what Eurovison is. However mental this performance was it went on to win the Eurovision Song Contest with its scary outfits and masks, Eurovision peaked with this act and has us asking the question; how outrageous is outrageous?

Verka Serduchka, (Ukraine, 2007)

Verka Serduchka, Ukraines dancing metallic silver Drag Queen is undoubtedly one of Eurovision’s most easily memorable performances! This performance was unforgettable. The outfit alone was something that made this performance outrageous and now has become easily recognisable for being ultimately one of Eurovisions most iconic moments. So iconic that Verka in fact won second place at the 2007 Eurovision contest as well as fame not just in Europe but around the globe. This performance is undoubtedly Eurovision’s biggest WTF moment and we LOVE it!