The queen of the north has been crowned! Canada’s Drag Race has come to an end and we take a look back at the most iconic moments from the first series of Canda’s Drag Race! 

Priyanka’s Entrance 

Walking in as a big question mark, the scream reminiscent of Sasha Velour makes this queens entrance chaotic AF and we love it! 



As soon as Jimbo walked into the werk room she was instantly memorable and this only grew as she took on the first mini-challenge of the series, screaming into those blustery north winds! The memes began and it became a very memorable moment! 


Snatch Game 

What makes Snatch Game so iconic is that if you succeed, people remember you but if you do bad people NEVER forget.  So for every triumphant Joan Rivers and Jojo Siwa, there was an unfortunate Miss Cleo and Rebecca Moore…


When life gives you Lemons

Sour, sickening and stunning, fans felt that Lemon was a strong contestant in the show. Lemon had some very iconic reads and will be remembered for her strong performance in the acting challenges, but sadly her time was cut short in episode 8. But Lemon did leave on a high with an instantly iconic exit line – now I’ll always be bitter!


The Lip Sync’s

Canadas Drag Race included some fabulous songs for the queens to lip sync for there life too and boy did they lip sync! From “I Really Like You” By Carly Rae Jepson in episode 1 to the absolute scenes we saw during “I Drove All Night”, Canada proved it’s lip syncing abilities were not to be messed with!