Lip Syncs: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

It’s nearly the end of the episode. Two Queens stand before RuPaul and they must lip sync for their life. Shantay, you stay or Sashay Away? Let’s look back at some of the most iconic lip syncs, for better or worse…


The Good…

Sasha Velour vs. Shea Couleé – (Season 9 Final) So Emotional

Sasha was one of the only queens of Season 9 to not lip sync during the competition.  In fact the final was the first time viewers got to see it and she did not disappoint. Sasha blew the audience away with her famous falling rose petals, and the passion that she committed to the number.

Brooke Lynn Hytes Vs Yvie Oddly (Season 11) Sorry Not Sorry

When Brooke and Yvie fell into the bottom after a terrible Snatch Game, they both had something to prove. Channeling all their energy into the lip sync, they kicked and split their way around the stage. The lip-sync clearly showed viewers they were both hungry for the crown, with Shuga Cain summing it up best – “Come on, Cirque du Soleil!”. Ru clearly saw their passion too as it resulted in a double save!

Alyssa Edwards Vs Tatiana (All Stars 2) Shut Up And Drive

We couldn’t write a blog like this without the forever iconic “Shut up And Drive” lip-sync between Alyssa Edwards and Tatiana. Competing for the chance to come back into the competition and eliminate one of the bottom queens the outfits and the energy left judges and fans gagged.


The Bad…

Charlie Hides Vs. Trinity Taylor (Season 9) I Wanna Go 

This has to be on the most cringe-worthy lip-syncs in Drag Race herstory…. When Britney Spears’ “I Wanna Go” plays you would expect something stunning. Unfortunately Charlie Hides just didn’t get that memo. Trinity dominated the stage as Charlie stood in one stop and awkwardly bobbed about. No-one knew what to think!

Six-Way Lip-Sync (Season 11) 

With 6 queens trying to grab attention it was a chaotic performance with stage leaps and wig reveals that still managed to amount to something very underwhelming. It was an interesting experiment, but one we hope isn’t repeated!

Laila McQueen Vs. Dax Exclamation Point (Season 8) I Will Survive

With a song like ‘I Will Survive’ the stakes were high, but this Lip-Sync was sloppy and anti-climatic. The result was neither queen surviving and we can’t say we were surprised!


And The Ugly…

Mimi Imfurst Vs. India Ferrah (Season 3)

Drag is NOT a contact sport. Although you wouldn’t imagine that having to be issued as a reminder, this uncomfortable lip sync which saw Mimi lift up India, made it a necessity. Mimi rightly went home and though iconic in it’s own way, we hope we never have to witness this kind of aggression in a lip sync again.