The Glitterbomb Ghost Of Christmas Past… Themes!

We take a look at the past few Glitterbomb Christmas themes from 2019 to 2012!

Glitterbomb Canterbury / Santa VS Rudolph 2019

HO HO HO vs The Red Nose Reindeer. Were you team Santa or Team Rudolph? This night we encouraged everyone to get on Santa hats and Reindeer antlers, and enjoy the drag performances and Christmas cheer!

Glitterbomb Ashford / Santa’s Twerk Shop Sunday 2019

Were you on the naughty or nice list? We gave everyone the chance to find out at Glitterbomb as we turned Cameo Ashford into Santa’s Twerk Shop! With a TWERK OFF to win awesome prizes and our FABULOUS drag performances, it was an incredibly festive night!

Santa’s TWERKshop / Glitterbomb Canterbury  2018  

We turned Tokyo Tea Rooms into Santa’s Twerk Shop with a night full of twerk competitions, drag performances and the entire club wearing Santa’s hats – everyone was having some great festive fun!

Delilah’s Naughty List / Glitterbomb Canterbury 2016

The year is 2016. Its Christmas. Are you on the Delilah Ticklers Naughty or Nice list?

XXX-MAS / Glitterbomb Canterbury 2015

Christmas 2015. Things got very naughty for Xmas – make that triple X! With our XXX Glitterbomb Bombshell dancers and our drags everyone was on Santa’s Naughty List this year!

My Big Gay Christmas /  Glitterbomb Canterbury 2014

With the North Pole in place and our Bombshell dancers, 2014 Chrsitmas was big and gay!

Snowed in /Glitterbomb Canterbury 2013

Let It Snow…. Its Christmas 2013 and though we didn’t get a white Christmas, everyone got snowed in at Glitterbomb! With an army of snow machines, we made sure everyone got covered snow!

Fairy Lights / Glitterbomb Canterbury 2012

‘Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house, not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse’…2012 was the year of fairy lights! With a vist from Santa himself, it was like a Christmas miracle!