This week with episode 5 of RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 12 having aired we look back at the episodes so far this season at whos been eliminated. It’s fair to say that some of the decisions that Ru has taken regarding eliminations have proven controversial. As the series progresses, we take a look back at these choices to see whether they’re really as controversial as they may seem…


Coming from strong drag pedigree as the drag daughter of Season 9 and All Stars 3 star Aja, Dahlia Sin came in strong with some fierce fashion looks. However, just like Kahana Montrese in Season 11, Dahlia soon realised that a drag race family connection doesn’t automatically translate into success.

So was her elimination fair? Whilst I was hoping to see more of her statement fashion pieces, in this case it does seem that Ru made the right decision. Like several fashion queens before her, Dahlia failed to let her personality shine, and didn’t quite manage to embrace the humour of being dressed in a giant broccoli suit. Up against Nicky Doll in her lip-sync, she had been the weaker of the two both in the challenge and the runway. It’s never easy to be the first to depart but her silence spoke volumes as she left the runway – however her appearance in the Gays anatomy suggests no real hard feelings.


This lady had a lot of balls….a LOT of balls and we saw every single one of them on that gown in the Ball Ball episode! Rock M was a bundle of energy with a big personality and even bigger make up that had endeared herself to viewers from the get go. However when it came to making a literal ball gown, she would up in the bottom two.

The difficulty with Rock M’s elimination is the question of whether or not she should’ve been in the bottom 2 at all. She, Brita and Aiden were the clear bottom 3 and, for many, Aiden was the weakest – but clearly Ru saw some kind of potential in the kooky queen. From a viewer point of view, Aiden should definitely have gone home, but in the eventual lip sync, Rock M versus Brita, did Ru make the right choice? Personally I think Brita gave a weaker lip sync performance but equally the amount of time Rock M spent getting that skirt off did detract a little from what she was doing. Overall wrong decision, but in the circumstances, reluctantly the right choice.


Another strong fashionista, and the first French queen to grace the runway, Nicky Doll had viewers enchanted with her confessionals where her grasp of the English language provided many humorous moments and showed a goofy personality behind the fierce fashion face. In the workroom too, her interactions with the other queens were a joy to watch – but sadly it didn’t always translate.

Nicki found her way to the Bottom 2 during the first elimination due to holding back in an acting challenge and it was refreshing to see her try and break that mould with the Gays Anatomy challenge. Finally a queen who was listening to the judges and actively trying to put their critique into practice. With her portrayal of the baby, Nicky did seem to make some progress, but for the judges it sadly wasn’t enough. However Nicky put the final nail in her own coffin when she said she thought she should go home herself – when the question was asked of her, I really thought she’d fight, but even Ru seemed frustrated by the answer she gave. Up against Heidi, a clear favourite of Ru’s she sadly didn’t stand much of a chance – but personally I’m not sure she should’ve been in the bottom two in the first place. Compared to other she was listening and making progress and I think it’s sad she didn’t have more time to develop. I understand it’s not RuPauls School For Girls but equally past queens have been allowed a little time. Personally I’m sad to see her go.

So, What do you think of the eliminated queens so far? Do you think its right, wrong? who’s been robbed and who would you change and why we want to know all your thoughts on Drag Race Season 12 so far!