The world of Drag is incredible and even includes its own language. So let’s discuss some of the vocabularies you will often hear while either watching RuPaul’s Drag Race or at Glitterbomb. 

Beating your face: To apply the perfect amount of makeup on the face, resulting in a flawless look, i.e., “her face is beat for the gods.”

Busted: Looking BAD unkempt, messy, unpolished. 

Clock: To spot what someone is trying to hide. For example, Clock that lace. 

Condragulations: The drag queen version of “congratulations.”

Death drop: A fall, drop, or descent backward onto one’s back with one’s leg folded underneath, in dramatic style. Usually part of a dance routine. This move is part of the voguing style of dance. Here is Cheryl Hole showing us how it’s done

Dusted: The opposite of “busted.” Looking perfect and flawless.

Feeling the fantasy: The giddy feeling you get when you absolutely love what you are doing in a particular moment.

For the gods: Abbreviated use of the phrase “fit for the gods,” used to qualify an act done perfectly or flawlessly example painted for the gods.

Gag: To react intensely, usually as a result of shock. 

Giving me life: A phrase used to show how much you love something for example that lip sync gave me life. 

The house down: Another term used to show love and how extra amazing and fabulous something was. 

Hunty: A hybrid of the words “honey” and “c*nt,”

Kiki: A word used for gossip, chat. 

The library is open: Another person or Queen is about to share some criticisms or insults known as “reads”.

Mug:  A queen’s face.

No tea, no shade: “No disrespect.”

Paint: Putting on makeup “It took 2 hours to paint my mug.”

Reading: To insult or criticise someone. 

Realness: A word used to describe transforming into something and becoming as authentic and accurate as possible.

Shade: A form of insult or pointing out flaws. 

Sickening: Amazing .

Slay: Telling someone that they are doing amazing. 

Tuck: To arrange genitalia in a way that they are not visible so that one resembles a woman. 

Werk:  A word meaning “work your body.” e.g. “You betta werk” 

YASSSS: A word meaning yes or used for encouragement and  excitement. e.g. “YASSSS QUEEN!”