Top Tips for Returning to Drag Shows

2020 has been a unique and turbulent year and while it has had its good moments and has seen positive changes occurring in the world, the overwhelming consensus is that people are eager to move into a fresh year, hoping 2021 will be better and brighter!

Since the lockdown began, businesses (in particular small businesses) have suffered, losing income from having to shut their doors for the foreseeable future. It has been very unfortunate for drag artists who normally entertain sold-out venues with amazing vocals, lewks, and jaw-dropping performances and have had to be out-of-work for a long period of time. But in this time of uncertainty, drag artists around the world have connected with their audiences online. The world of drag persisted through the uncertain difficult time and various pivotal digital drag shows began streaming worldwide. 

As the situation regarding live performances in indoor venues starts to see some regrowth, we wanted to share some helpful tips in regards to keeping safe and respectful when attending drag shows in person.


Wear your mask

Respect the social distancing measures, keeping extra safe by staying 2 metres away from those not in your household/’bubble’.

Maintain a good level of hygiene and make frequent use of hand sanitiser to ensure that your hands are clean and safe. 

Book in advance – many shows are taking bookings in advance in order to allocate seating! So if you are planning to attend, decide on how many people in your household/bubble are coming with you and book your tickets online.

Respect the drag artists – while we are all over-joyed at an opportunity to see our favourite drag artists live in person again, please listen to them and respect any social-distancing rules that they set. For instance, take photos of/with them at a safe distance and refrain from making contact like hugs or high-fives. This will ensure that you and the artist stay safe.

Have a fantastic time! A drag night is always a fun night, so we hope that you have a wonderful time.


Disobey any Covid-19 precautions outlined by the show.

Interrupt a drag artist’s performance. These fierce artists have practised and perfected their performance in order to ensure that you have a great time so please do not interfere in any way. 

Entering the stage area while a performance is happening can be very dangerous. A drag artist may be unaware that you are there and a collision could occur, putting both yourself and them at risk. No-one at a drag show wants anyone to get hurt so please keep clear of the stage when it is occupied by a queen performing. If you need to get something from the other side of the stage area and you have no option but to cross the stage, it is recommended that you ask a member of staff for help or wait until the performance has ended and the stage is clear to travel across.

Always remember to be considerate of everyone at the venue and remember that any hate towards another person, verbal or physical, will have negative consequences and you will likely be asked to leave the venue.