Survival Guide To Being Ghosted

Ghosting — when someone cuts off all communication without explanation. 

We have probably all been there – when you are talking to or seeing someone, whether friend or something more, and then suddenly that communication begins to vanish. It can really hurt and can be hard when it happens to you. You may even have done it yourself to avoid a tricky situation! So we’ve come up with some tips on why people ghost and how you can cope with it. 

Why Do People Ghost? 

People can ghost for various reasons. The most common is to avoid an awkward or an uncomfortable situation. People have admitted the reason they ghost is because it feels like the easiest way. Ghosting is the most common way to end a relationship now – most people will associate being ghosted as the end. 

Why Does Being Ghosted Hurt?

Unfortunately it is very common to be ghosted in today’s society and people are very used to being ghosted. But why does it hurt when it happens? As it’s someone disappearing from your life for no reason and no explanation your mind jumps to many possibilities to answer the question. What happened? Will they ever get back in touch again? All these unanswered questions make being ghosted extremely hard.  

And why is that? It’s because these feelings relate a lot to the grieving process such as sadness, anger and even loneliness because you are grieving the loss of someone who is suddenly no longer there. 


What Can You Do When You Have Been Ghosted?

It’s not always easy and will take time but you will need to accept what has happened. Remember it’s not you, it’s them. You must rid yourself of blame. This is nothing to do with you, and not your fault. It may feel personal but be kind to yourself – you are not to blame. Don’t feel ashamed. It’s hard when you have just been rejected with no explanation to why. It’s painful to be dropped for no reason  but it’s something to not be ashamed about. There should never be shame or embarrassment about what has happened.


Take Care Of Yourself. 

Taking care of yourself is easier said than done. But how do you take care of yourself when you’re feeling so hurt? When people are faced with an emotional or mental health issue people tend to shut down. A good way to take care of yourself is indulging in activities that will keep your mind occupied – dedicate some time to that hobby you’ve neglected. If you happen to think about the ghoster or the relationship you once had, be sure to remember that the ghoster violated what it takes to be mature. A good relationship should include respect and communication and this has not been the case, meaning the ghost just isn’t the right person for you anyway. 

Despite ghosting becoming increasingly ‘normal’, being ghosted should not be a reflection on your own worthiness. That person lacked the courage to do the right thing and treat you in the right way and explain why they could no longer continue with you. You may feel various emotions but the emotion you will need the most is positivity. Let them go and forget about them. If you find you’re really  struggling to cope after being ghosted whether it’s by a friend, someone you’re dating or someone in the workplace, reach out to a doctor or a mental health professional for help.