Sophia’s Saturday Night Shablam 

If you have seen Sophia Stardust has been doing weekly digital drag shows and we wanted to talk to Sophia Stardust all about them especially her upcoming digital drag show!

You have been doing drag live streams what is that experience like?

 It’s honestly been a really amazing experience for me. Doing gigs at clubs is so much fun but can be hard on the younger generation, especially those who are under 18 and support me and all of the other girls on Instagram as they’re too young to come to our shows. So being able to do these live shows gives them the chance to see us perform, and for free! It’s also nice to be able to cheer people up during these dark and depressing times because that’s what I aim to do in my career… spread positivity!

What made you want to start doing live streams and how did they occur? What inspired you to do live streams!

I’ve seen a few other queens do these live shows in America and thought it would be fun to do it from the UK! I’ve also missed performing a lot as I’ve gone from doing gigs at least twice a week to none! So it’s nice to be able to chuck on a wig and get back into it!

Do you think live streams are something that will continue? 

You never know! Depending on how popular they become and how often people want to see them I definitely see this happening a lot more in the future!

What 3 words would you describe to sum up a Sophia Stardust Live stream!

 Showstopping, Hilarious and CAMP!

What can you tell us about this weeks drag show? 

During this dreadful time that is lockdown, I have decided to do weekly shows on Instagram live, specifically every Saturday at 7pm. You do not want to miss out this Saturday as we have some of the most talented queens I know including Krystal Versace, Dede Licious, Amanda Bang, Lana Evoli and myself… Sophia Stardust!!

This show will be hosted on my instagram account @Sophia.stardust and will include a variety of sickening performances with twirls, reveals and many drops! If you’re questioning why you should watch this live show and no one else’s, that’s because we are some of the nicest queens you will ever meet and will put on a SHOW!

The show is also completely FREE but tips are appreciated, what more could you want?! See you Saturday at 7pm!