“It’s time to bring back my girls!”

the application form reads. Would Ru believe it, it won’t be long before we’ll have season 2 of RuPaul’s Drag Race UK! We LOVED the first season and can’t wait for some more UK drag but who do you want to see on season 2?

We asked you what Queens you want to see on Drag Race UK Season 2 and this is what you said!

Charity Kase

Charity is a London based drag artist with a love for twisted glamour. Aged 17 she made the move and she has never looked back. We’d love to see Charity Kase’s horror-angle on drag, with looks including Rotten Ronalds McMonster, Gretchen Grundler, Decapitated Nun and A Girl With a Pearl Necklace.



Herr is known for pop culture references in her drag performances with comedy elements that make her stand out on the London drag scene. 

She won Not Another Drag Competition: All Stars, and is a member of Gals Aloud (alongside Drag Race UK competitor Cheryl Hole) so commanding a stage and serving lewks comes naturally to her(r). 




A’WHORA is a Fashion Queen who actually withdrew her application from Season 1 of RuPaul’s Drag Race to give herself time to experiment, you’ve told us you want her to go all the way for Season 2.




Freida Slaves

A drag queen with hair longer than your fingers. Freida is a name you keep mentioning for Drag Race Season 2. Frieda Slaves doesn’t mess about when it comes to their high energy performances. With their impeccable makeup/beard combo too Freida would definitely get Ru’s attention on the runway.



Amanda Bang

Femme-fatal after Nuggets, A Glitterbomb regular and someone else you want to see on the runway for Drag Race UK Season 2. A judge for the recent Miss Drag UK pageant, Amanda has become a well known Queen on the scene and we would definitely love to see her go from our small stage to the big screen.


Danny Beard

Danny beard calls himself the hairy cartoon clown. He is one half of the very popular podcast The Gossip Gays and Semi Finalist on Season 10 of Britain’s Got Talent. Rumours a rife that Danny could be a top contender should he make an appearance not he show. 



Ellis Atlantis 

The BBC Glow up Winner and rightly so, pumping out look after look, Ellis is very popular in the beauty industry since winning Glow Up. Already working with and assisting some of the biggest makeup artists in the world at the Cannes Film Festival recently, we continue to love the amazing looks. We can only imagine the sort of leaks that this queen would create for the runway.