Questions you shouldn’t ask a Drag King


Do you have some questions for drag kings you’re wondering whether to ask or not? We’ve created a comprehensive guide to questions you definitely shouldn’t ask drag performers!


“What do you do with your boobs/genitals when you’re in drag?”


  • Although the illusion of drag may be interesting, such questions concerning people’s genitals are rude and disrespectful, also they are unimportant and simply should never be asked.


“So you must be transgender?”


  • Drag is a performative expression of gender and art, just because people choose to perform in drag, this does not necessarily have an impact on their gender identity when they are out of drag.

“You’re like ___ from RuPaul’s Drag Race!”


  • Whilst it can seem like a compliment to compare someone to your favourite, well known drag artists, this actually discredits their individual work they have put into the drag they’re showcasing. Many drag performers do not appreciate being compared to other drag artists.

“Do your parents know you do that?”


  • Implying that there is something wrong with performing in drag is extremely disrespectful and unimportant whether a performers parents know or not. We should all try to be supportive in the endeavours of other LGBTQ+ people.

“Do you have sex in Drag?”


  • Completely inappropriate to ask anyone questions about their sex life when you do not know them, you would not ask a colleague at work such questions so don’t ask them to drag performers.

“Why do you do drag”


  • People may choose to do drag for many different reasons, the chances are they will explain why they love drag and their passion for the creative and artistic outlet and expression. The way in which you go about asking this question should be considered carefully.