There are plenty of queens who walk onto “Drag Race” looking to teach the competition a thing or two, but Anna Lytical would be the first whose mission in life is to teach kids the beauty of coding! Yes, we love an educated engineering queen!


Bottoms up because D’Manda Martini is here to slay! This cosplay queen is our superhero for a cascade of reasons, but she doesn’t just pull off looks straight from the comic strips. Oh no, she can do it all and then some. Which would make her an amazing, versatile contender for the crown.


Another queen who is no stranger to the cosplay realm is Polly Porcelain. When she isn’t with Scooby and the gang, you can catch her in fierce ass fashion that are straight LEWKS.


While Lucinda Puss could probably take down everyone in her path on ‘Dragula,’ we would love to see her spooktakular looks on ‘Drag Race’ because in a sea of pageant, look, and comedy queens – there is always room for the outsiders who take things to a whole new, dark, level.


Fittingly named Mirage, this queen hails from the Las Vegas desert and notes she’s “a performer not a conformer,” so we’d expect the lip syncs to be legendary status.


Drag is all about pushing boundaries so having a queen that isn’t afraid to rock facial hair would be a first for the show, and a great addition for fans to see in terms of representation.


Are we expecting drama from a queen whose initials are S.N.O.B? hell yeah, we are! Give us Symone N. O’Bishop, now.


Her drag mother was infamous for smelling the roses, but Shea Coulee made a comeback like no other in the fifth season of ‘All Stars.’ Now we’d love to see if Kenzie could bring home another win and keep the crown in the family.


If Sharon Needles and Gigi Goode had a baby, that baby would be Boo Barrymore. Spooky with model good looks? How could we not want to see Boo on the next season of Drag Race


The self-proclaimed “#1 Competitive Eater” of drag, Kornbread is a plus-size queen who wraps up a boisterous, comical personality in glamour that is both breath-taking and kooky. We’d love to see what she could bring to the Werk Room.