Pride Packing List

Are you heading to a pride party and don’t know what to bring? We’ve got you covered with our list of essentials you should consider bringing along to pride.



We suggest using a clear backpack to avoid any issues with security when entering a pride event. Also, you are able to see and access your things so easily with a clear backpack!


Your Pride Flag

If you don’t bring your own Pride flag to the LGBT+ Pride Parade, you’re very likely to buy one once you get there! This is an accessory you just have to have! Get a large Pride Flag and wear it as a queer superhero cape! Or get a bunch little flags to decorate your backpack and hand them out to all the new friends you’ll make!



Comfortable shoes 

When attending a LGBT+ Pride event, you choose for style or for comfort. You either compete in high heels running contests or you watch these games from the side-line. Expect to walk quite a few kilometres, so we suggest taking comfortable shoes. Even if you start off in fancy shoes, take a pair of easy-going shoes in your backpack in order to switch when needed.


Water, water and more water

Whether the weather is hot or it’s just the radiating heat of the partying people in the streets, you need to stay hydrated. You can also survive on alcohol alone, but from experience, we recommend taking a large bottle of water. Eco-friendly re-usable water bottles are great to bring to pride events to avoid littering and damage to the environment.


Lip balm

Chapped lips are never cute, and pride is no exception, whether you’re there to party all night long or find a new love affair. You will want to make sure your lips are looking hydrated and luscious. Carmex is a great lip balm brand that will keep your lips looking kissable all day



Portable Charger

You’re more than likely going to be out for a long time and wanting to keep your social media updated with cute selfies, boomerangs of drinks flowing and stunning floats in the parade, so we suggest a good portable charger which will allow you to charge your phone up several times. You’ll also get bonus friend points for being the organised person that thought to bring their charger!


It may sound obvious, but you should always look after your skin and wear a sunscreen with a high SPF level, being out in the sun is great fun but be aware of the risk of sun damage. Applying sunscreen will keep you looking glowy and gorgeous whilst also protecting you from the sun’s harmful rays!