Preparing for a Summer of Sex

With lockdown easing and people beginning to emerge like wild animals after hibernation the one thing that most people will have been missing during this time is sex. That’s right, it’s time to have sex again! To get yourself ready we have some tips to prepare yourself for a post-pandemic summer of sex!

Just a little prick…

The 20s are upon us bringing the grand return of a lot of single peoples sex lives. While this has been long-awaited it is important to remember to be safe – even more so now with Covid! Number 1 most important thing to prepare for the summer of sex is – surprise surprise – Get Vaccinated! It’s important to remember that even when you are fully vaccinated, not everyone you want to or will hook up with will be. Don’t be shy to ask your partner “are you vaccinated?” before things get heated!

Check your sexual health.

It is always important to know your status but now is the perfect time to check in on yourself. This is a new chapter in your sex life and it’d be great to start with a clean bill of sexual health! Get tested for STIs, and HIV. Now is the perfect time to check yourself and also make sure your friends are doing it too! They may not be your sexual partner but it’s a good thing to ask them and remind them.

When checking your sexual health it might be good to check in on your emotional or mental sexual health. Ask yourself what is good about your sex life? What boundaries are you into or willing to try? What do you or your partner want to experiment with? Is there anything you want to change about your sex life or relationships? As this new chapter starts, don’t assume you or others enjoy all the things you did before. Things have changed.


When it comes to sex it also comes the dangers. Getting checked for STDs is great but it’s also important to know how to prevent such things in the first place. There are many ways to prevent or reduce the danger of infections and you can speak to your local sexual health clinic as well for more information.

Wearing and using a condom is the most effective form of prevention from any dangers. They can come in a range of styles, flavours, textures and materials meaning maximum safety and maximum pleasure. Did you know HIV can be passed on before ejaculation through pre-cum? It’s important to remember that condoms are put on before any sort of sexual contact happens.


The best way to prepare for a hot summer of sex is to prepare with PREP. PrEP is medicine you can take to prevent getting HIV. PrEP is now available free on the NHS in England from sexual health clinics. PrEP has been proven to prevent the risk and be very effective and is the perfect time to look into or start taking this VIP (Very Important Pill)



If you are hoping for a hot summer of sex that stays enjoyable then your best friend will become a bottle of lubricant. Lube can make sex safer as it reduces any risks of any anal or vaginal tears that could occur from dryness. You don’t want the experience to be ruined from any sexual accidents.