This week we spoke with the Glitterbomb Queen of Halloween Luna Lestrange to see what she has been up too and get to know another side of Luna Lestrange!

What has Luna Lestrange been up too?

Oh darling you know me I’m always up to something, while isolation has got me locked in I’ve taken the opportunity to go back to my roots and get out the camera and lighting and create some content like I used to do before I had to adult and hustle my ass off!

Can you tell us the story of your drag name?

It’s always interesting cause you’ll either get it straight away or won’t completely depending if you’ve seen Harry Potter. My two favorite ladies – Luna Lovegood and Bellatrix Lestrange, they have a love child, and I am she! It’s really as simple as that, for those that don’t know, Luna is this stunning, airheaded, away with the fairies character, while Bellatrix is a deranged, psychotic criminal! I’m somewhere in between, I’ll let you be the judge as to where! My name works for me as it envisions everything I love, and sums me up perfectly!

When Did you start drag and why?

It really depends how you wanna define ‘starting drag’, I first played with drag makeup in 2015, I didn’t actually perform on a stage in drag until November 2016. I started playing with makeup as an extension to my special effects and prosthetic makeup work that I was doing, and I’ve been on stage my whole life in one medium or another, whether that’s theatre or live immersive horror experiences. I’d then started coming to Glitterbomb, and shock horror, Lana got in trouble, so I was invited to fill in for her, and unfortunately, they haven’t been able to get rid of me ever since! There never was a real reason behind starting it, other than a passion for makeup and performance, but a bit of experience behind my belt taught me a love for storytelling, immersive performers, crystals and I can mix that with sick, sadistic horror!

What is one of your favorite performances you have done?

I think it’s noticeably from Angels vs Demons in which I debuted my Fiona Goode mix, I’d been in a rut for some time and that number was a kick up the ass to remind myself that I’m a boss ass bitch, it was great, I’m just too scared to ever do it again cause I think I’d fuck it up!


Favourite thing about drag and least favorite thing about doing drag?

Favorite- crystals, costuming, and designing for sure! Least favourite – honestly, wig glue and late nights.

Advice you would give to someone who was interested in doing drag?

The real tea is that the drag market is thriving right now, and everyone wants to be a drag creature of some kind, so what makes you stand out from them? I wouldn’t wanna suggest someone start with performance, or makeup, or sewing, because it very much depends on your wants and needs. What do you wanna get out of drag? If it’s makeup, start with that, performances the same, fashion, etc! Have fun!

Who is your drag inspiration?

I’ve got far too many. I do wanna give a special mention to Victoria Elizabeth Black from Season 2 of Dragula. Following her journey, I think really steered me in the right direction, and I’ve since been able to add to that. She’s one of those incredibly talented performers that conceptualizes absolutely every part of her performances beautifully, I could only dream of being on her level!

What 3 things can you share that people would be surprised about?

The big one is that I’m not a complete and utter c**t, I’m introverted as hell out of drag, and look completely different! I dropped out of my performing arts training half a year in I’m incredibly lucky to be apart of the Tunbridge Wells Pride committee, that’s chaired by my chosen sister Jazz, and have been lucky enough to be a large part of running the event for a few years now

What is the most shocking experience/story you have?

(DON’T TRY THIS AT HOME, it’s extremely dangerous and can result in serious injury or death!) As part of my Halloween number from the year just gone, I had a magic trick that’s designed to make smoke appear from my hands, on prepping the trick, I didn’t leave the substance enough time to cool down, and SMOTHERED my hands in the stuff, before I knew it my hands were almost sparking like burning wood, rendering the trick useless (and me in too much pain to risk round two!), the smoke gag had to be removed, and I was left with blisters and no feeling in my hands for WEEKS!

Finally, Sum up Luna Lestrange in 3 words.

Spooky, Sparkly and Sexy

You can follow Luna Lestrange on social media @misslunalestrange