It’s 2021 – Happy New Year and with a New Year comes New Year Resolutions! When making resolutions you don’t want to make one that you know you definitely won’t stick to and you want your resolutions to feel loving and empowering, not be based around how you can change yourself into a “better” version of who you already are.

In 2021 we think the resolutions should allow us to practise such things as self-love and propose ideas that encourage the best year ever. 

Spend less time on Grindr 

We’re not saying get off the hook-up apps for good! How many times have you promised yourself you’re never going to redownload Grindr? And how long did that promise last? So let’s be realistic here. Instead of saying no Grindr forever, let’s instead make our New Year’s resolution to spend less time on it. Especially with how it has been affecting a lot of peoples self-confidence. 

Educate yourself! Learn your queer herstory

What happened at Stonewall? Do you know? Where does voguing come from? Go ahead and go down a Wikipedia hole and learn your queer herstory!

Expand your music from pop divas

The “Your Top Songs 2020” playlist that Spotify created and we all shared on our socials has taught me something: Our music taste needs more versatility. Pop divas like Gaga and LGBT icon Ariana Grande are obviously amazing, but there’s a whole new world of music out there beyond these pop queens that need exploring. 

Be better at safe sex

Yes you’re on PrEP, and that’s awesome! But did you know you can still get other STIs while on PrEP? It’s always good to wear a condom. On PrEP and abhor condoms? That’s fine too. Just get tested regularly and be honest about your sexual activities and risk with your partners.

Explore Drag


Everyone is a drag critic. But does everyone want to to try Drag? Drag is a large part of the scene due to the popularity of RuPaul’s Drag Race. So why not give it a go get yourself in drag. Put on the six-inch heels. Block your brows. Glue a wig to your head. Lip-sync for your life. Realise how hard drag is and how these queens are just so good they make it look easy!

 Learn to love your body

“If you don’t love yourself, how in the hell you gonna love somebody else?”. It seems in the Queer community this is a nearly impossible task.  But some of us have learned. Maybe this is the year you can learn how to as well!

Prioritise the fight for trans rights

All over the world, trans people are facing severe challenges, even in this community. The LGBTQ community should prioritise the fight for trans rights just as much as we put marriage equality at the top of the agenda years ago, and should get involved in ensuring the safety and happiness of our trans brothers and sisters.

Pay attention to pronouns

It may be difficult to get used to when a trans friend comes out and says what pronouns they go by, but try your best to address them the way they want to be addressed. We can’t expect society at large to respect people living their lives authentically if we aren’t able to do something as simple as calling someone what they want to be called.

 Be happier

Go on, you deserve it.