The Queens that bring you the flips, splits and tricks! We asked Krystal and Dede some questions to get to know them a little more.


Krystal and Dede, how long have you been friends?

We began our friendship in secondary school in year 7 when we were put in the same form group and soon enough we were known as the most extra duo our school had ever seen! I’m surprised we didn’t get expelled that’s how extra we were. We’d get into trouble for everything and it was like every rule we wanted to break just for fun. Makeup was a huge thing because we used to wear it to school sometimes but they’d say that because we were boys we weren’t allowed! We even got sent to the headmasters office because of it.

What inspired you to do drag? What was your first introduction to drag? 

We were inspired to drag when one day we were sitting around doing nothing and Dede suggested we watch this show on Netflix called ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ and we got hooked instantly, the show gave us a strong drive to try drag out and now we just love doing it and going out and entertaining the crowd.

You have started up a drag business ‘Drag By Krystalious’ tell us more about that

Once we started to really get into drag and schedule our first couple gigs, we decided we could not only just be performers but also make a business out our drag by using our skills in wig styling, outfit sewing and hip pad making to provide other performers for some extra money. It wasn’t until recently that we put this idea to use and Drag By Krystalicious was born!

Did you teach yourself everything you know? 

Overall, yes we did teach the basics of wig styling to ourselves. Of course, it started out very rough but by the help of a tonne of YouTube tutorials we developed our craft in wigs and now we’ve been able to receive help from professional wig stylists to further boost our skills, we both have such a drive to keep expanding and won’t ever stop learning until we perfect our technique, and even then we’ll want to push it further!


Do you have a favorite wig that you have styled?

Our favourite wig we’ve styled must be a pick between our custom human hair wig that was done for DeDeLicious and made by Krystal and one which was dyed a blonde with a dark root which both of us did. The outcome definitely made us want to try more colours for our human hair wigs in the future! 

You design your own outfits what inspires you and your drag outfits and what can you tell us about the creation of one of your outfits.

(Dede) My favourite outfit I’ve done so far is actually one I’m currently working on… stay tuned 😉 

For making outfits, Dede does all the designs and outfit-making. The inspiration behind most of the outfits can literally be anything, whether it be a cute outfit I see on Instagram or just a random idea that pops into my head. Making a look can be very time consuming depending on the detail that goes into it and can usually take days to complete as I’m a complete perfectionist but it’s always worth the struggle as seeing it all slowly come together her can be very rewarding…unless of course, I screw something up.

You do many different drag related supplies. What is your favorite thing to work on for example is it wig or outfit or hip pads etc?

Our favourite things to work on are wigs! It’s something we can both have input into and the outcome is always 10x better together than it is if we did it individually.

What 3 words would you use to each other?

DeDeLicious – Stubborn, Hilarious and Determined 

Krystal – Refined, Seductive and Thicc

You can keep up to date with both these upcoming rising queens on social media, find Krystal on Instagram and TikTok @Krystalversace and Dede on Instagram @Dede_licious and for any drag related supplies from both these stunners get in touch on Instagram @dragbykrystalicious