‘It’s A Sin’ is our new favourite show


Russell T Davies is the writer that brought us Queer As Folk, one of the most iconic gay series of all time. Fast forward to 2021 and we now have the unmissable ‘It’s A Sin’ – set in London’s Gay Scene in the 80s and telling the stories and stigma faced by AIDS patients.

Twitter blew up on Friday night after the premier on Channel 4. One person recounted on Twitter about the ‘toast diet’ that AIDS patients received as hospital staff could push the it under a door so as not to risk infection, with some comparing the crisis to the current pandemic.

@mrsverypicky wrote: ‘Found the hospital scenes with Henry very emotional. As a nurse then, I heard horror stories about nursing care for guys with #AIDS Like the toast diet: could slide toast under side room door without having to go in. Such sadness.’


Other people shared how important and special they felt it is to be Queer and be in a Queer space surrounded by people in the community. Other users said how they found comfort in the show bringing a lot of the community together, talking and sharing opinions. Many highlighted how important it is having spaces similar to the Pink Palace (the home of the characters) that become a safe haven and space for people to discover their true identities and who they really are.


Russell T Davies, the writer and creator of It’s A Sin based the show on his own experiences in the 80s saying “I was 18 in 1981, just like Ritchie (played by Olly Alexander), so the bones of this story were always in me, but it took a long time to get there,” he said. “Maybe I had to reach this age first.”

Talking about the character in It’s A Sin, Russell T Davies told RadioTimes.com. “They’re all 18 years old in 1981, that was my age in 1981, in a sense they’re all part of me but equally they’re all invented… some of them do die of AIDs.”

If you’ve not seen it yet, this is a 10/10 Glitterbomb essential watch!


All the episodes of Its A Sin are available on 4OD