Since joining Glitterbomb last year first appearing at our Mamma Mia night Sophia Stardust has become very popular at our Glitterbomb Canterbury night. With her kind-hearted, fun and full personality plus her energizing performance on our stage, we felt it was only right to get to know more about one of your favorite Queens!

How would you describe Sophia Stardust?

Sophia Stardust likes to look good, but she’s not a lookqueen. She cares about her audience more than anything. She wants to make sure whoever is present is happy and enjoying what they’re seeing. She loves to perform and make other people smile.

Where did the name Sophia Stardust come from? 

Well, Sophia came from my sister’s name and I wanted the surname to link in with space, as I’ve loved space all my life especially because of Doctor Who. My dad said Stardust as a joke one day and it stuck with me ever since.

What inspired you to start doing drag?

After coming out in college I started watching RuPaul’s Drag Race and that really inspired me. I’ve always been involved in shows and acting so that really helped. I guess I just tried it once and instantly fell in love with it, especially because I’m a performer.

What is your favorite thing about doing drag?

I love meeting and getting to know newpeople, I’ve met some of my closest friend because of drag, it brings people together.

Do you have a favorite performance or tracks you love to perform?

 I don’t have a specific fave song but my go-to is always something upbeat like Little Mix or Lady Gaga, Anything I can twirl and drop to! 

Do you feel more comfortable and confident in drag?

I feel equally comfortable as both Brandon and Sophia. I guess because I do drag so often now, I spend a lot of time as both so I’m equally comfortable as both.

What qualities does your drag persona have that you wish you had in your day to day life? 

Honestly? The beauty lmao. As Sophia, I feel confident in the way I look, but as a boy, I’ve not yet found that confidence. Let’s just say I wish I was better-looking. 

What do you want for the year 2020?

To do even better than last year. I want to inspire people, pursue my YouTube and TikTok. Perform at Prides and do more gigs in general.

What 3 things do you wish people knew about you?

1, I’m really lovely and love a good chat so don’t be afraid to come to say hi to me. 2, I work hard for everything I’ve done and believe in doing things myself. 3, I’ve been through a lot and can relate to people, I think that’s what makes me stand out


You are having a dinner party with 7 people who are you inviting?

I’m guessing it doesn’t matter if they’re dead or alive so I’d exchange all 7 of them for my mum. One final chat would be a dream to me, that’s why I always tell people to appreciate the family they have. You never know when they’ll be gone