Delilah’s House Moving Tips.


Well it might be morning or afternoon but I just feel it’s been a while since I said it!

I’ve recently moved house and I’ve got a few tips & tricks that helped me and may help you!


All those Amazon parcels you’ve been getting? It’s time to save those boxes & packaging! I find small/medium boxes are ideal for the breakables such as that Eiffel Tower statue you over paid for on your trip to Paris & those dusty glasses lurking at the back of the cupboard. Also the brown package paper is great for keeping those items safe in transit too!


As you’re clearing out drawers, have a bin bag or box handy ready to throw out those odds and ends you’ve been saving for that project that never happened. The less you pack the lighter the box! Always label the boxes before you seal them up! Grab a sharpie and the more detailed the description the better! It also makes knowing what room the box needs to go to easier.


Tidy up as you go! As the boxes piled up in the kitchen it was easier to clean and tidy a room as I went. Wiping over the skirting board honestly makes a HUGE difference and may just help you get the deposit back!


I found hiring a van rather reasonable and it suited our budget however it may be time to call in that favour your bestie owes you and use their car to move some boxes over. Obviously Covid restricts a lot of household mixing (ALWAYS follow the government guidelines!) but if you’re in a bubble – call in that favour!


So you’ve just arrived at the place you’ll call home. DON’T UNPACK! You’re probably exhausted and in need of a brew or a G&T. Unpacking can wait – as long as you have a few changes of clothes, clean undies and the new mug your mum bought you for the house, that’s all you need. Pop to the local shop for some tea bags or a lime for that Gin!