Did you know that Glitterbomb has a TikTok account? (@glitterbomb_club)TikTok has taken everyone by storm with people spending hours stuck in a TikTok cycle. Its the destination to kill time and relax while enjoying an endless stream of content from pretty much anything! But what are some of our favourite TikTokers.


Nox was no stranger to Glitterbomb Bucks and with over 30 thousand followers on TikTok people are mad for Nox and so are we! She uploads daily and we love that we get new, fresh content from this alien queen often. Each TikTok is entertaining from lip-syncing to turning out a look Nox is winning at TikTok. 


Santi is massive in the London drag scene and with thousands of followers they know what they are doing with Tiktok and how to entertain the crowds even on a screen. From performances to lip-syncing in a bedroom each video is has great energy and it satisfying to watch. 


We absolute love the season 10 winner of RuPaul’s Drag Race and her TikToks we love! From very simple TikToks of her showing off her outfit to her showing us what she will be like after quarantine to the now viral video of her as FLOTUS Melania Trump. We wish this Queen uploaded MORE!


Someone that is very familiar to Glitterbomb Vicky C is doing all the trends on TikTok, From the famous say so dance to anything makeup. She asks did she do them right? And don’t let them flop. We adore when we get a new Carriage TikTok even if she has no idea what she is doing!


The queen of the nuggets no surprise is of course on Tiktok with her first video taking an opportunity to show off her makeup skills she couldn’t help it. We love when we get some content from Amanda either turning out a look with transformation Tuesday we see her go from man to WOMAN! And look absolutely stunning! 


We had to give notice to our favourite spooky queen who is giving TikTok a good go. From posting whatever is the trend on TikTok at the time to just a video to amuse, TikTok is another platform to get a piece of Lestrange. 


One of our favourite queens Sophia is taking TikTok community by storm. Uploading daily and doing what she can to be the next viral star, from jumping from boy to drag to clips of performances, we are getting constant content from this Queen and with quite a few thousand followers, Sophia is doing pretty well on TikTok. 

So are you following these TikTok stars? Have you any suggestions on people we should be following? What TikTok’s are you loving at the moment or what do you think will be the next Tiktok trend? Let us know we want to hear from you!