Backstage Secrets With Danny Beard

For this weeks Glitterbomb blog post, we got gossiping with one of our favourite drag divas Danny Beard and asked them some questions that gave us the backstage scoop on everything from Britain’s Got Talent to the ups and downs of life as a touring Drag Queen!
For those who don’t know you, how would you describe yourself?

What can I say I’m a lovely, humble, multi-award winning, singing she-clown from Liverpool.
How was your experience being on Britains Got Talent and what secrets could you share with us about your time on the show that people may not be aware of?

It was shocking, I’ve never really said it publicly before but they keep you in little cages backstage and Simon comes round and smacks you with his cock every now and then, not Cowell of course, there’s a runner there with a massive cock that does it if you do something wrong. It’s actually a really cool experience, what you see is what you get really everyone there is so lovely, you get to work with the best vocal coaches, costume teams, dancers, ect and everyone there is top of their game so it really helps moud you and give you a good platform to go out and work! It was pre DRUK and for a quirky queer cabaret act there really wasn’t any other way of taking what you do to the next level. 

What was the inspiration for starting your Podcast and how do you decide what you will discuss on it?

Basically me and me bezzy always say we’re gonna do stuff and don’t! So one night, pre lockdown podcast boom might I add, we were having a few drinks and we were like we should record a podcast and over 100 shows later were still doing it and have a fab dead loyal listener base all over the world it’s CRAZY! Don’t get me wrong it’s a little self funded independent show, but I think the guys who love it really seem to love it! And we literally discuss our lives, the funny shit that happens to us or embarrassing stuff (like me sending a dick pic to my fiance’s family whatsapp – srsly) we also “help” listeners who write in each week with problems or their own stories, we even cover LGBTQ history, current affairs, celeb goss, RUcaps you name it and we can chat shit about it –  it’s what Loose Women could be if it wasn’t so horrendous. 

How did you meet your Gossip Gay co-host Billy?
He was a fan at a meet and greet! – Nah we met working in Manchesters Gay Village, he was a venue Manager before he was a DJ and I was born in the clubs there so yeah there it was! 
The Gossip Gays Live shows were a ‘thing’ before lockdown. Will they be continuing later this year, and what can people expect from them?

OMG yes! They will be coming back! We’re actually planning something really exciting for later this year and I actually don’t think any other Podcast has ever done anything like it! 

You have been performing for years… tell us the funniest story you have from a show.

OMG I’m on the spot. What do ya wanna know! I’ve sharted, fell, slipped tripped ducked and dived on stage but I’m still going!  

Have you ever had a terrible or scary experience happen to you on stage?

I’ve had things thrown at me in venues it does happen now and again, a glass, a bottle, oh and a clacker fan how gay! But I’m lucky that I don’t really work in places that I don’t feel safe in, it’s important we keep queer spaces safe spaces and I think I’m lucky to work in places that get that! Even when I’m not in an LGBT+ space I seem to find myself in good company! I really don’t like being groped or grabbed though and that seems to be a common occurrence when in drag wherever you are!  Most terrible things seem to happen around hen parties though, if this was room 101 they would be in there straight after TERFS and before the pope. 

What has been the highlight of your career so far?

I think just having a decent career is a highlight! I’m very lucky to be booked in a new city each weekend constantly touring my own show alongside working with top UK promoters on events, doing theatre, panto,  voice over, TV, TV ads, commercial gigs, prides, weddings, funerals.. seriously.  It’s just something new and exciting round the corner! 

What are some of your favourite songs to perform?

Oh depends! She loves a bit of Queen! Bho rap – it’s a song that usually unites hettys and queers alike for 5 mins solid. I love a bit of Adele, Dua, Miley, the odd show tune, club classics! Honestly depends on the mood. I’m very eclectic in my taste – suppose that helps me connect with different groups of people who come to see my show. 

Personally, how are you? How have you been during this pandemic?

Honestly Im fucked, sat here like Carrie Bradshaw typing up an interview like it’s 1994 – it’s hard for a dyslexic but here we are! Panny D’s been shit, I’m fat, broke and feel closer to 30 than ever before. I’ve been working this last lockdown on the 119 Covid Lines “assisting the public in booking their vaccines and answering general enquiries about the vaccination process” and oh boyyyy has it given me A LOT to talk about getting back onstage! So every cloud I suppose!