Hey guys, this is Stephen the Head Promoter of Glitterbomb.


Dropping you a message to say we are back in Canterbury at the Cuban next Tuesday 21st September for our Gaga-inspired Glowmatica theme!


The Cuban will be a new look for Glitterbomb and while we’ve got nothing but love and appreciation for the time we’ve spent at Tokyo Tea Rooms / Steinbeck & Shaw / Chill Nightclub (for those who remember!) we felt like mixing things up a bit after the pandemic. We’ll be doing our club events at the Cuban and larger events at The Venue on the University of Kent campus – more on this being announced soon.


I’ve had some comments from a couple of people saying that, in the past, they haven’t had the best experience with the door team at the Cuban and I wanted to address this directly and let you know the additional steps we are taking to put those who may be uneasy going into a new space at ease.


⁃    The door staff at the Cuban were changed recently, so it is unlikely you will meet anyone who was at the venue previously.
⁃    The current door team on a Tuesday will be LGBTQ+ led.
⁃    The Cuban team as a whole are part of the Zero Tolerance scheme – which offers a lot of training when it comes to running a safe venue including diversity and inclusion.
⁃    The Glitterbomb team is the same team and we will be working with the Cuban to make sure all the same things that made us comfortable before, are also in place at the Cuban e.g. gender neutral bathrooms.


We’re looking forward to enjoying the new outdoor space and some of the other cool features of this unique city centre venue.


If you have any specific questions, you can always reach out to me directly on stephen@soapevents.co.uk and I’ll be happy to look into anything for you.

I’m really looking forward to all the fun times that are ahead.


You can purchase tickets in advance via the link below, or you can turn up and pay on the night.

Buy Tickets—-> https://bookedit.licklist.co.uk/event/633236


Thanks again for all the support and watch out for some big announcements coming soon.