Getting to know Asia Throne

We love getting to know our drag queens and this week we wanted to talk to the legendary Asia Thorne.

What has Asia Thorne been up too?

I have been working from home and have been doing some Instagram lives to keep me going! I hope all is well with everyone!

Can you tell us the story of your drag name?

Well, I started with Puerta Rica as my drag name. It was a play on Puerto Rico. In translation, Puerta Rica means Rich Pussy! However people were kinda having a hard time pronouncing it so I kinda decided to use ASIA and Thorne came in the picture because my husband’s last name is Thorne.

When did you start Drag and why? 

2012 was when I started drag however my official Drag birthday is Sep 2013! That was my first paid drag gig! hahahaha Why? Because I fell in Love with Drag! Growing up and being in gay clubs in Manila, it was always something I look forward to!

What is one of your favorite performances you have done?

I love performing my “Came here for Love” mix! This was one of my favorite mixes I made and (I feel) it has a great message! 

Favorite thing about drag and least favorite thing about doing drag?

Favorite thing about Drag is the energy and positivity that you can spread to your audience! Least favorite would be SWEATING while in Drag! hahaha

What advice you would give to someone who was interested in doing drag?

Always love what you do and it will show! Don’t be scared to ask questions from other Queens, and never stop learning! 

Who is your drag inspiration?

I take inspiration from a lot of people and lots of things around me! But what inspires me the most are meeting successful Drag Queens who are very humble! That is inspiring! 

What is a shocking experience you have had?

Hmmm nothing has been really bad or shocking yet but I did perform one time and the sound system was so poor and terrible everyone could barely hear but I still performed the number. My wig did come off at the Glitterbomb Canterbury Kinky Boots, I was performing and moving and my wig just slipped and came off! The glue let me down! But being in drag is hot and like i said its sweaty, so a wig coming off is a risk that might happen and everyone’s wig has flown off once right? You can find some photos on the Glitterbomb Facebook page from that experience.

Sum up Asia Thorne in 3 words?

Fun, Loving and Entertaining

Finally, What 3 things can you share that people would be surprised about?


1. I have an IT degree (but only practiced this for 1 year!!)

2. I’m a good cook

3. I’m super scared of Snakes!

We absolutely adore Asia at Glitterbomb and if you are not already you can follow Asia on socials by going to @missasiathorne