On this week’s blog, we are tooting and booting the promo and entrance looks from Drag Race Espana!

Arantxa Castilla La Mancha


BOOT- Both of these looks are quite basic and Arantxa is seen wearing the same wig in both her promo and entrance looks. We hope to see some greater variety from this queen in future episodes, but she does look sickening!


Carmen Farala



TOOT- Carmen is giving us angelic vibes in her promo look with stunning sleeve details and a gorgeously proportioned body, baby! Whilst her entrance look is somewhat basic, the Versace inspired details are stunning, highlighting her beautifully bronzed skin.

Dovima Nurmi


TOOT- Dovima is serving high fashion royalty in her promo look! We love the shoulder pad and Asymetric shape, her hair is gorgeous too! Dovima’s entrance look is one of our favourite entrance looks of the season, such a contradiction from her promo look, she truly is giving us a real-life evil queen fantasy as she says on the show. Slay!


Drag Vulcano



BOOT – We don’t love the basic looking bodysuit and extreme platform shoes combination. Drag Vulcano looks great, but these looks seem overdone and too similar to get a toot from us!


Hugáceo Crujiente



TOOT – it is clear that Hugáceo is a queen with experience in high fashion and conceptual art. We haven’t seen a queen like this within the Drag Race franchise for a long time. It’s great to see more queer nonbinary representation on Drag Race.





TOOT – we love this gorgeous, red, look which Inti describes as fashion for native Spanish people in the realm of the 21st century. Inti’s entrance look is somewhat similar to her promo look but we can forgive this as she looks immaculate, with a different silhouette and hair choice.


Killer queen



TOOT – Killer Queen is serving a mix of the Evil Queen from Snow White and Ursula in her promo look! We adore the shape of this dress and the extravagant details! Killers entrance look gives us a deeper understanding of her life out of drag as she is a doctor. The blue coordination and big shoulder pads are dazzling, but this isn’t our favourite entrance look!


Pupi Poisson



BOOT – Pupi’s promo look is cute, but theres something about the hem line and shoe choice we can’t get into!  Pupis makeup looks gorgeous, but this silhouette seems a little unfinished. Pupi’s entrance look is giving us lederhosen campery and we are very much here for it! It does however come across as very basic compared to some of the other queens and looks a little like it could be from party city.





TOOT – We absolutely love Sagittarias promo and entrance looks, they do look slightly similar in shape but the colours and attention to detail cannot be faulted. We can’t wait to see what looks Sagittaria has in store for the Drag Race Espana Runway.



The Macarena


TOOT – get into the kitty girl fantasy with The Macarenas promo look, we adore everything about this, especially the bell bottom trousers! The Macarenas entrance look is also an absolute serve! Giving us sexy empress vibes! The colour coordination is stunning and gives us a lot to look forward to with The Macarena!